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Questions related to insurance and accidents


Yes, all the cars of "CityRentCar" are insured on the principle of "CASCO" and "OSAGO". The deductible is the deposit you made $200 or $300. The car, the driver, the passengers, the third person are insured. The insurance "CASCO" does not cover the damage deliberately caused to the car's interior (damage to the seats, upholstery, torpedo, etc.), and does not apply to damage to tires, side mirrors, exterior accessories. Any damage caused to a car or passengers when driving in conditions of severe off-road, doesn’t apply to insurance and is not covered. The same goes for driving in a state of intoxication: you will have to pay 100% of the amount, which will cost the car repair, and fully compensate the injured.
When renting a car in City Rent Car, you can use the insurance "SUPERCOVER". This is a paid service that allows you to reduce the liability to zero, and do not leave deposit for the car. The possibility to use "SUPERCOVER" is provided when renting a car for a period of more than 3 days and is paid at a rate of $20 per day. The maximum amount for the entire term of the lease is $140. The "SUPERCOVER" insurance does not apply to cases resulting from direct violation of the instructions received when concluding a lease agreement: the failure of the car due to the use of poor quality gasoline, damage to interior trim, loss of keys, documents for the car or additional accessories - GPS navigator, child seat, etc. Important! When the car is damaged externally, the "SUPERCOVER" insurance will not come into force until the police officers and the insurance agent of the company have officially registered the damages in the protocol. And, it does not have to be an accident. These rules apply to any scratch received, let’s say, when leaving the parking lot. If you just leave it, the specific case will not be fixed, and you will have to pay for repairs. This is exactly the situation when you need to sacrifice time to save money, so wait for police officers and insurance agent to arrive.
Well, it happens. Car rental exists almost as much as cars themselves, and you will not be the first person to have an accident in a rented car. We hope that you are ready for such cases as we are. And now let’s see what follows: First, you should make sure that the worst is already behind, and neither you nor the passengers who were in the car at the time of the accident are ok. Do not panic, the car is insured. Call us at +995 577 415 777. The manager of "CityRentCar" will help you in all matters that may arise. Then everything is the same as if you were traveling in your car in your country: call the police (112), notify the insurance company (+995 322 505 111), and make sure that everything was done in accordance with the existing rules. Pay special attention to the correctness of the description of the damages received by the car. Do not sign the protocol, if something in it leaves you in doubt. Attention! A police officer is required to check you for the presence of alcohol in the blood. The act on this verification should be included in the list of documents provided to the insurance company. Insurance is invalid without it! Remember: in any situation, we are on your side. Therefore, you should not try to "cheat" us, hiding even the minor damages the car has received. We will note and take measures from the deprivation of the deposit amount to the legal action. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of tourists coming to another country to rest, consider it permissible to be disrespectful to the laws and regulations of hosting country. Keep in mind: if it turns out that you were drunk at the moment of the accident, we do not lift a finger to help you out. The insurance company will take the same position. All responsibility for the incident will fall on you. If all documents are collected correctly, the worst thing that threatens you in the event of an accident or partial damage to the car is the loss of deposit. If the car is “destroyed” (total loss), then you have to pay a penalty of $ 1000 for a car with an engine to 2.0, and $ 1500 for a car with an engine from 2.1 and above, as well as all fines associated with the car accident (car evacuation fee, payment for the penalty parking and so on.).


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